Curtain's up on the 200th show

On the 4th October, friends of the village hall celebrated the 200th show since the hall was rebuilt. In recognition of the close relationship the hall has with Grampound Village store and coffee shop, the shop kindly opened its doors for a quick glass of bubbly to mark the occasion.  

Simon Fann was presented with a ‘gong’ and cake for all the outstanding work he has done for the hall including arranging each and every one of the 200 hundred shows. Simon, who does not seem unaccustomed to public speaking, was quick to mention that without audiences and the support of the village, the shows would not be possible.

The village hall has many different uses in the community but is always looking for new activities and events to host. If you have an idea or wold like the hall to run an activity or group please contact the village hall committee who will try their best to make it happen for you. Call Simon on 883 874.

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