Notice of Road Closure for Carnival (Approved)

Map of Fore Street showing road closure

Event: Grampound Carnival

Date: 5th September 2015

Location Grampound

Times: In two parts between 1800 to 1915 hours

Applicants are reminded that they have undertaken to notify all interested parties known to be directly affected by the closure including, if appropriate, all frontagers on the length of the road such as local residents and businesses as well as other traders who may have to make deliveries and/or collections in the area.

The applicant will display notices at each road / street to be closed at least 14 days before the closure.

Casual Vacancy

A casual vacancy has been announced following the resignation of Councillor Roger Paynter who we thank for his service to the parish council on and off over a number of years.

The full notice is available to view.

Town Hall clock hammer replaced

Mechanical lift outside town hall

The town hall clock hammer has been replaced. Thanks again to Smith of Derby for the work and Imerys for providing the mechanical lift. Thanks also to the Grampound Community Fund for funding the project.

Paul Kilburn of Smith of Derby is seen in the tower fixing the newly refurbished hammer.

Playground plans

Playground equipment

The new playground has been funded by Open Spaces money from The Tannery Development. Cornwall Councillor Bob Egerton, Chair of the Hall Committee Jane Sloan, and the Parish Council applied to Cornwall Council for the funds to be released.

As you will have noticed work has started. A number of volunteers have helped clear the ground and some equipment has arrived.

Here is a copy of the original design plan for the new playground in the recreation ground.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) in Grampound with Creed

The Parish Council recently requested the definitive map of Tree Preservation Orders in Grampound with Creed.

A copy is now available on this website.

The individual trees are shown on the maps and consist of:

Parish walk about - Grampound

Councillors Kay Chapman, Alice James, and Dean Jenkins had a brief walk about Grampound starting in the Tannery development and ending in the Grampound Village Coffee Shop.

This is part of a number of planned walks to update information on issues which the parish council may or may not want to take up.

Row of mature trees along Old Tannery Lane

Town Hall clock repair funded by Grampound Community Fund


The parish council's application to the Grampound Community Fund to help with the repair to the town hall clock has been successful. The hammer - which is currently in Derby as reported previously - will be renovated, repaired, and fitted back into the clock mechanism as soon as the work can be scheduled with Smith of Derby,

Thanks to Councillors Peter Wootton and Roger Paynter for their work in preparing the bid.

New playground facilities in progress

Playground in progress

Work has started on removing the old playground equipment at the recreation ground and replacing it with a new design. You will notice that it is currently closed as the old equipment is removed. This weekend volunteers are gathering to remove the old hedge.

The funds for this development have come from open spaces money released by the development in The Tannery. Our thanks go to Jane Sloan who commissioned the scheme and Bob Egerton for negotiating with Cornwall Council. The Parish Council has applied for the funding and will oversee the project.

Small field - new open space for Grampound

Picture of field

The lease has now been exchanged with the landowner and Grampound with Creed Parish Council has taken over management of an area of open space adjoining the Tannery development. The field has been used in the past as agricultural land and we will now need to apply for planning for a 'change of use' to use it as an open space. The plan is to consider adding a few trees to the space and some furniture. Ideas would be most welcome.

Bus Shelter electronic sign installed

Picture of bus shelter

The electronic sign has been installed into the new 'eco' bus shelter on Fore Street.

You can see the black box sign inside the shelter attached to the roof. When fully commissioned the sign will display live bus time information.


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