Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) in Grampound with Creed

The Parish Council recently requested the definitive map of Tree Preservation Orders in Grampound with Creed.

A copy is now available on this website.

The individual trees are shown on the maps and consist of:

  • Rear of 17 Bonython Drive (1 tree)
  • Treglines / Lobbs Garage (6 trees)
  • Recreation Ground entrance (2 trees)
  • The Old Sunday School (1 tree)
  • Penbetha and Toll House (2 trees)
  • Creed Churchyard (1 tree)

Also within a Conservation Area "trees that have a stem diameter which is bigger than 75 mm when measured at a height of 1.5 metres above ground level are subject to statutory protection".

For more information on trees see the Cornwall Council Trees website including details what to do if you are considering work on a tree.

The Parish Council is considering which other trees contribute to the public amenity, whether these existing TPOs are appropriate, and plan to seek advice from Cornwall Council. We'd welcome the views of anyone in our community on trees.

There's also a cluster of ancient trees in the field just south of the recreation ground. Although not accessible to the public they have been recorded by The Great Trees of Cornwall.