The first of Grampound’s Defibrillators is ready for use!

Close up of the AED at Grampound Community Hall

The installation of the defibrillator, which has been organised by the Grampound WI and funded by Grantscape, is now complete and it is ready for use, if or when it is needed.  It is situated on the north wall of the Community Hall behind the bikeshed - it is the wall nearest to the school.  It was necessary to install it there where it will not be effected by direct sunlight!

The apparatus is in a locked cabinet which is accessed by a key pad. The all important PIN is 1066 (followed by ✔).

It was thought necessary to have the apparatus in a secure cabinet because of its proximity to the school.  There are still a few things to do such as getting the signage in place so that its existence is more obvious, and the WI will be arranging some formal training with the St. John’s Ambulance in the coming weeks and are looking for volunteers, especially from organisations in the village which use the Hall and the area around the location, to take part and learn how to use the apparatus.

The existence of the defibrillator, its location and PIN have been registered with the SW Ambulance Service, and it is hoped that anyone who has medical training or are trained first aiders, and live in the village, will make themselves familiar with the site and installation.

For further information please contact Dr Hilary Veal on 01726 882220 or

Location of AED behind the bikeshed

Location of the defibrillator by the bike shed