Traffic speed in Grampound

30 mph sign (from Colin Milligan on Flickr -

The results of a community survey of attitudes towards traffic speed in Grampound with Creed are now available.

Views could not be much clearer.

There was strong agreement that speed is a problem in Grampound and that current measures in place were insufficient.

The community also asked the parish council to investigate ways of installing an average speed camera system on Fore Street. At its December 2015 meeting the parish decided to pursue this option first.

The results of the survey and the intention of the community of Grampound with Creed to install an average speed camera system have now been made known to Cornwall Council. The parish council will look at all options for technical advice and funding for such a system.

A copy of a letter To Mr Bidgood and Councillor Biscoe of Cornwall Council Highways is available.

[Updates 12th Jan 2016

1) Mr Bidgood of the Highways department has offered to update the traffic surveys with the covert radar system. He said,

"In the interests of assisting the Parish in this matter, I have asked for up-to-date speed surveys to be undertaken with our covert radarclass units in order that the current levels of compliance can be assessed.  I will ensure several locations are assessed so that we can evaluate the results in a more meaningful way.  I am afraid there is no option to exclude certain user groups from this type of survey and I would point out that every radarclass survey is subject to the potential for slow moving traffic holding up other roads users, therefore the data is comparable in this respect.

I feel it would be best to await the results from the follow up speed surveys prior to taking matters any further, at which point we will be able to advise Cornwall Council’s updated position on the matter."

2) A representative of one of the UK Home Office Type Approved speed camera installation firms has provided a detailed quote for an average speed camera system in Grampound. This will be discussed at the next parish council meeting.