Update on protected trees (TPOs)


The previous map that the parish council posted of trees with Tree Protiection Orders on them was incorrect. It included applications that had not been confirmed. However, Cornwall Council provide a detailed and 'live' map of protected trees.

It is available on this link ...

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) in Grampound with Creed

The Parish Council recently requested the definitive map of Tree Preservation Orders in Grampound with Creed.

A copy is now available on this website.

The individual trees are shown on the maps and consist of:

Parish walk about - Grampound

Councillors Kay Chapman, Alice James, and Dean Jenkins had a brief walk about Grampound starting in the Tannery development and ending in the Grampound Village Coffee Shop.

This is part of a number of planned walks to update information on issues which the parish council may or may not want to take up.

Row of mature trees along Old Tannery Lane

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